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We provide the best web development services for small businesses in New York and beyond. With Online Marketing, and in-house content writing services and graphic design, small businesses seeking to take their marketing efforts to the next level will get brilliant results with us.


Since 2007, our firm has progressed in maturity and value to help you compete in an increasingly competitive market. Our holistic approach has your long-term success as our prime directive. Let us be your technology partner.



What to Expect
from Web Development

We have adopted an industry standard five phase lifecycle for website design clients:


1. Discovery.


We meet with you.


2. Planning.


We make up a quote with everything in it that we feel is pertinent based on your goals. You agree with the plan after proposing any changes and our mutual agreement that the plan and quote is in it's final form.


3. Design


We work up an initial design. We show it to you. It will have filler text and most of the visual and functional features.

If you have a logo, we will design that into your online branding. If not, we will come up with some sample logos by accomplished logo artists.  We will work on the logo until you sign off on it, up to five iterations of design changes.

We will work with you for up to five iterations of changes. Most clients take three.

Our Approach

Our Approach to
Web Development

We use a four points of the compass approach to growing your brand on the Internet.



4. Development.


We will put the final website URL into place for you. We will hook up E-Mail, subdomains, and messaging to your domain as needed.


We will write all of the content you wish, or use the content you write for this purpose. We are skilled at writing on any number of topics, and we will work with you to produce the tone you are looking for.


5. Optimization.


We will perform Search Engine Optimization. We will include your analytics.


Social Network Marketing brings your website to where your potential customers are as well as helping you gain clout with the search engines.


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