Video Production

Video production services comprise the entire process of creating a commercial or promotional video. We handle all of the Pre-production, Production, and Post-production process. Video production is much more than a person with a camera: we target your desired audience using top professionals. Many companies initiate their first video project thinking a general overview of their products and services produced in a slick way is fine. If you have a really unique service, this may be true. If not, we can help you come up with the ideas and strategies that set your company apart. We will analyze the intended audience of your video, and we will reach out to them with selective surveys or focus groups to find out what they expect, what they require, and what they would truly hope for in a service which would guarantee their engagement. Then before your video is delivered, we will revisit this topic to make certain your promotion or commercial has relevance. There are many reasons for a video and many budgets. Some videos are extensive and complex, such as an advertisement intended for major network television at prime time, but sometimes you just need a video presenter to read a script in a professional manner at a budget cost for your Website. Some businesses and even some families need something a bit more artistic, and we can handle this too. Big or small, we do it all.

Video Production

This initial planning phase is where we work with you to come up with the concept and overview of your video. After we do that, the next steps are:

  • The script is written.

  • The location is selected.

  • The cast is selected.

  • The audio and video crew members are chosen.

  • The budget is set.

Many smaller factors from lighting and weather to film permits are also part of this process. For simple presentation we can just make an AI presenter do this in a few hours!

All of the Pre-Production planning is in place, and the video production can begin.

..Lights, camera, action!

We will shoot each scene until our director has decided that the take is optimal. Then the next scene is set up and the process begins again. We only use the most experienced people for this, and efficiency and cost control are of utmost importance. Time is money! For a simple presentation video, an AI character can read a script, avoiding this costly process. For more sophisticated projects, our network of videographers, directors, actors, and musicians will make your project shine!

Once production is complete, our Post-Production staff will tell you that this is where the magic truly begins! Adding and mixing audio, including the titles and ending credits, and mastering smooth and effective transitions between scenes are a part of this process.


Special effects get added in during this phase, and the results will amaze you!


We use different professionals for different types of projects, budgets,  and styles. We are sure our results will amaze!