Get More Customers in a Shrinking Economy

Through the years the consumer attention span has gotten shorter and shorter. This means we now end up in a world where you need to have your business on the Web and accessible to mobile devices and searches, Google and Bing, and even on GPS Devices and social networks. Peoeple and businesses, your potential consumers, will only use you if you are everywhere they want to be and on every device they want to use.

Not only is this important for keeping your contact information, products, and services handy to people browsing the Web, but you also have to control information about your business and encourage and properly present reviews.

Large corporations are very concerned with this, and they employ teams of people in website design, public relations, social networking, advertising, and all manner of "spin doctors" to manage what they refer to as managing their Web Presence. The problem with this process of creating and controlling a Web Presence for a small business or family-owned business or even a one-person operation seems next to impossible on the surface. In fact it would have been impossible even a few years ago.

Today it IS possible to get a sophisticated Web Presence and take control of how your business can be seen, found, reviewed, and branded. Consistent easy access can make sure that you appear on all major search engines, major social networks, common review sites, GPS Maps, searches through various cellular networks (your website SEO will not help with this). Your website will appear and operate well on various devices from desktop computers to phones to tablets and laptops. Imagine that after having the website created for you, we can have you update it continually and have your changes match everywhere on the Web at the same time.

Most companies can not make this possible, but with us at the Web and I you can expect this to be accomplished for a basic charge of $500 in utilities plus labor each year. We pass on the basic services at cost to you and you pay for the writing and graphics work, testing, implementation, and updating. We use any number of hosting scenarios you wish to use, and we use Yext to centrally manage your off-website web, social network, cellular, and GPS presence. The labor is up to you as you can save substantial funds by writing your own material. However most people still find it more cost-effective to use our service or other service we can contract with on your behalf.

To see how we can make this happen, to give you a proper Web Presence that will help you get new customers, you can call us today to find out more.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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