Fifteen Hallmarks of an Effective Small Business Website

The Checklist for Websites that Get New Clients for Small Businesses

GLEN COVE, N.Y., April 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Often those tasked with looking for a new small business website will place a great deal of importance with very unique designs. There is nothing wrong with a website that is very attractive, but if the goal of your website is to attract new clients and assist existing clients, then an austere design with great content to help guide consumers and businesses with an interest in your market to your website. Businesses on the forefront of ideas in their field and can take the time to document the most useful of the many things they learn can showcase this valuable content on their websites. It is this content that is found by search engines for people seeking answers to specific problems. Finding the answer also makes them find your business.

  • Use a minimalist design that uses whitespace (the empty space in the page that is generally white) effectively. This will make content more accessible.

  • Frequent updates of fresh text are necessary for feeding the search engines and increasing online reputation and exposure. The best practice is to keep the length to around five hundred words.

  • Blogs should be interactive, with links to share on social networks as well as a mechanism to comment on appropriate posts and pages. Moderation of comments can make sure that only legitimate responses are approved as comments.

  • Businesses need a call to action on all appropriate pages to make it easier for potential clients to contact and hire their businesses.

  • A value proposition should be high up on a business web page. Businesses can express your reputation and / or quality in ten words or less.

  • Businesses should do some writing about what differentiates them different from other similar firms. This differentiation can be in the form of writing quality content that potential clients would be interested and using terms they might be searching for.

  • Accessibility for multiple device types to have a quality experience on your Website is important because people will visit websites from a variety of mobile devices and IPads.

  • Using Google Analytics or other statistical traffic measurement tools for your site is critical to helping you develop your Website over time. The information can include what people are searching for when they find your site, and pages or topics that generate unusual interest.

  • Engage with existing and potential clients on social networking platforms. Use social networking to syndicate your content and spread as far as possible. Automation can save time and money when implemented as part of your syndication strategy.

  • The most important work that is done on a website is not done by your website designer but by the author of your content. If you are not going to produce the content yourself, then hire competent writers and give them the best ideas of your business to work with as well as guidance to produce the content which would be most helpful to a business’s potential and existing clients.

  • Effective use of keywords in the text and in your title tags and URL’s will help search engines identify and catalog website content more effectively.

  • Pursue legitimate avenues for obtaining quality backlinks to websites in order to increase page rankings of your pages in search engines.

  • Avoid possible search engine policy violations by reading the guidelines available on Google, Bing, and others.

  • Avoid being blocked by searchers. Websites blocked from search results are not producing what is considered to be quality content in the market of the business being blocked. Businesses can avoid this with good content as well as reputation management and answering concerns all over the Internet.

  • Excellent security for your website against hackers. A business can be ruined with careless handling of information, but well deployed and maintained high-quality security can reflect well upon a business.

Whether you do more research or not, the items listed here are all required hallmarks for a successful website. The success of a website requires all fourteen of these conditions to be fulfilled, and the success of each of these key areas is what will determine the success or failure of a Website.

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