Coming Upgrades to Office 365

UPDATE: New information on the new version!

The subscription model, with its inclusion of both desktop software and servers for businesses have provided great ROI for early adopters of Office 365. Soon, that value will be even greater, with new functionality and tools that will allow each business to completely customize their computing experience to serve their individual business processes and policies.

With the new Office 365, creation of content will be easier than ever. The user interface in the new edition has been simplified and streamlined to help you get things done. Whether you have Windows 7 or 8, this edition of Office 365 has been designed to work for you. With previous versions, documents followed the user wherever they went, but with this version, users will also be able to take their settings and preferences with them on every device. A lot of the visual features users have come to expect from in Office are gone, replaced with a flat, borderless two-color interface that makes it easier to find the commands you need and get things done. Contacts and social networks will be easier to integrate into your overall Office experience. Coming soon to Office 365 is Skype, which will open up voice and video options to connect across the Globe. The new Site Mailbox will allow teams or facilities to share project-related documents and E-Mails in one place. Security has been increased with new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools for Exchanges. The DLP policies that can be set for your organization can help you prevent users from purposely or inadvertently sending or sharing your data. They can also help maintain compliance with HIPAA and other standards where data sharing must be limited.

Compliant archiving is still a feature with the Enterprise plans we recommend for our clients. With compliant archiving, nothing is truly released, and businesses maintain their standards for document retention.

SharePoint also has new features for increasing employee communication using user-friendly methods such as tagging and social networking, all secure on your company’s own SharePoint server on Office 365.

New usable reporting and dashboard features in SharePoint will provide business insights in real-time. Customizable dashboards that can be modified with programming in code will also be possible with the new technology.

New tools in Lync will help your office get more out of your meeting with each other and with clients.

All told some very exciting new features are coming together to help cement Microsoft Office 365 as the productivity, E-Mail and storage solution for businesses of all sizes.

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