New Microsoft Office 365 for Home Premium

The subscription model for Microsoft Office, which users once bought either with their computers or on disk, is now switching to a subscription model. The boxed editions will still be available, but they will be great advantages in going with the boxed set. The boxed set was once possible to use on a new computer after removing it from the previous computer. A copy could also be on a laptop. The boxed set will support installation on one machine. If you need to retire your computer and install Office on another computer, it may be difficult if not impossible to use it on the new computer. With Office 365, there are five device licenses for each Office license. With 5 devices, one Home and Students license is good enough for an entire household. Any devices that need to be retired or replaced can be done so with no special procedure or fanfare. If you have used all five licenses, installing on the new device will present you with a list of your computers, where you can select the old computer and remove it from the list, allowing you to install on the new computer.

Office 365 offers cloud storage in the form of SkyDrive, and the storage offered is $100. This is very important because sharing files between machines and giving families a safe place for drop-off is key to not losing their files. SkyDrive is easy to use. When you install SkyDrive, there will be a folder on your computer that is created. The files you put in that folder will be kept synchronized with the cloud.

Another great feature that will be included with Office 365 will be Skype. Microsoft has bought Skype, and they are improving it. For Skype use, Office is including 60 minutes of talk time free per month, which is usable for international long-distance calling.

You may think that $99 a year is a great expense for Office 365 at first glance, but that covers all of the Office needs in your home, gives you cloud storage and backup, and allows you to call internationally. Users will also never need to pay for a new upgrade, as every time there is a new version of Office, you will always be the first to get that new version at no additional charge.

Even better is the fact that you can sign up and try this today, at no cost. For a limited time until it rolls out into production, you can enjoy Office 2013 Home Premium edition for free.

The preview is available directly from Microsoft at:

This is an article from years ago. Imagine what new capabilities and concepts have been developed by Microsoft and the Web and I, Inc. since then!

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