New Office 365 2013 Preview: Account Administration

Account Administration is the area that the Global Administrator or Global Administrators will use in order to add and remove users, reset passwords, and fill in the basic parts of user profiles. Further filling in of user profiles should be encouraged with training material.

From the administration screen, click the link under users & groups entitled Add users, reset passwords, and more.

Click Here to Administer Users

The first task that the global administrator(s) need to accomplish is adding users.

For an example we will add our test subject. Click the plus sign under users to add users or groups:

Click here to add users or groups

What you will see is an add user screen as illustrated below:

The Add User Screen

Here is a sample test user for which the basic fields have been filled out.

Click on Additional Details for More Information

Here are the additional details fields:

The User Additional Details Fields

Here are the field values as we set them up for our test user. The test user will be important in future articles as we illustrate security role testing in Office 365.

Sample Additional Information

Once all of the information has been added, click the blue Next button at the bottom of the screen:

Click next to continue

The screen that appears after that is the Assign Permissions Screen as illustrated below:

Assign Permissions Screen

With the Assigned Permissions screen, there are two decisions. The first is if you are assigning the user administrator privileges, and in this case we are not. The second decision is the country of service. This is important because there are service restrictions of the offerings of Microsoft Cloud Services based on where the product is licensed. Once you have it licensed somewhere like the United States and most countries that are not subject to United Nations sanctions, the actual location where you may have to use the service will not matter.

Once these choices have been made, click next to continue:

Click next to add user

Then the third screen will appear, the Assign Licenses screen:

Assign Licenses

On the next screen you will have the opportunity to add an E-Mail address where a notification of adding the user will be sent to. Then click create:

Option to Send Results by Email

The next screen is the results screen. Use another computer or browser to sign in with this user and create a permanent password. Then click the option to create more users or click finish:

Add User Results Screen

When you click finish, you get back to the users and groups screen, which now has two users:

Users and Groups with New User Added

For any additional advice, the best place to start is by calling the professionals at the Web and I, Inc.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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