Free Software That Helps Your Computer Stay Fit

There are free software utilities that help protect your privacy, security, and computer health. Used correctly, they can also help you gain speed in Windows including faster boot times and speedier operation overall. However none of the software mentioned can do the work by itself: dilligent regular use and updates are needed to make the software do it's job. A basic understaning of what each type of software is for and how to best utilize the capabilities is needed. This article will outline the best technologies and techniques to get you going on the road to better performance and security without spending a lot of money. Versions of these software titles are available for free, but for more features they can be upgraded. Contact us today for great deals on software utilities before you buy. It should be noted that new computers come loaded with spyware, adware, and unwanted software. In some cases the software is bundled by agreement along with unnecessary utilities. In other cases the spyware is added in when the hard drive is manufactured, somewhere in the supply and distribution chain. The significance of this is just that everyone needs to either be vigilant about their computer health through their own cleaning and maintenance or by having a professional to advise on software security, viruses, antivirus software, malware, windows performance, excess software and privacy issues.

Whether you are going to do it yourself or you want the help of a professional, having a great set of software tools that are available free with inexpensive premium versions available is an essential starting point for protecting your privacy while increasing your security and enhancing performance.

  1. Antivirus: LavaSoft AdAware Free Antivirus:

  2. Download the sofftware from CNET at:

  3. Visit their Website at:

  4. Spybots Search And Destroy

  5. Download from

  6. Compare Versions at

  7. Piriform CC Cleaner

  8. Download the free edition from

  9. Compare Editions at

  10. For a great deal call us at 646-853-0573.

With Antivirus: Update and run your antivirus software on a regular basis.

With Spybots Search and Destroy: Update your malware definitions and run a system scan frequently Innoculate your web browsers. With Spybots S&D it is better to run the program as an administrator. Your user account should be Standard User, not administrator, for security purposes. On properties of the shortcut, select the option to Run as Administrator.

With CC Cleaner: Set the cleaning options carefully. Be sure to set the options for all of your browsers. Be careful of the password erasing features. When you finish cleaning, run the registry scanner and clean the results. Use the Tools function to remove unneeded software. With the Tools function you should also go to Startup. You can disable or delete extraneous startup software features and also control the startup of plugins on your browsers. Sometimes the startup list is a way to find adware or malware that ends up on your computer without you knowning about it.

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