Microsoft Office for iPad

Having Microsoft Office for iPad is a feature that users of the iconic Apple tablet have looked forward to for years. Microsoft Office is the business standard for productivity software. Everyone in business is familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel at the very least. Using Microsoft Office on the iPad was possible before, but users were stuck using the Microsoft Office Web App versions which run in browsers. The Microsoft Office Web Apps have a limited level of functionality and a deprecated feature set, making them less desirable for serious business use. Microsoft did not always make products for Apple or mobile devices. Traditionally, Microsoft products like Office were available only for PC’s and then PC laptops. This exclusivity has often frustrated owners of Apple, Linux, and other machine platforms. Recently, however, changes in management and strategy at Microsoft, and the imperative is to be more inclusive with their iconic software. Although Microsoft Office for the Mac has been available for quite some time, this offering has come as quite a surprise to those familiar with the history of Microsoft software.

Who Needs Microsoft Office for iPad?

Attorneys, law firms, real estate offices and realtors often make use of the iPad because it has all of the functionality of a computer without the large size. People are increasingly turning to using mobile products like the iPad, but in the past, the amount of available software was extremely limited. Businesses where filling out of forms make use of the iPad because it is easy to add a signature or have a customer or client add a signature to a document. Google Reader and Adobe Acrobat both work with forms on the iPad. Businesses are also increasingly using the iPad as a cash register, and the iPad can be combined with add-ons like Square to accept credit card swipes. Executives that have to carry a very small computer to use for presentations and show people charts, graphs, and images have enjoyed using the iPad, particularly the models that have the very high-definition retina displays that are a popular option. Businesses that need a compact mobile platform with a large enough screen to see documents easily are very fond of the iPad because of its’ portability and compatibility with WebEx and GoToMeeting software. It is possible that this will also work well with Microsoft Lync, but we have not yet tried that option. Businesses that need a portable computer to collect data and take inventory make good use of the iPad, both because of the compact size and the touch screen, the iPad is ideal for this purpose. The fact is, we already have clients that are using the iPad, and we have had to tell them to make do with the Microsoft Web Apps in the past. We have a can do attitude and never like to say no to clients, so we are delighted with this new offering.

Where Can You Get Microsoft Office for iPad?

Microsoft Office for iPad is available with Microsoft Office 365. We are authorized sales and service representatives for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office for iPad.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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