Office 365 2013: Introduction

Elegant. Simple. A revolution is coming to Microsoft. Its name? Microsoft Office 365 2013 Edition.

The features of the new system make it the best cloud productivity solution in the Industry.

Microsoft Office 365 with Office 2013 is a software suite that works equally well on the Mac as it does on a Windows PC.

One Microsoft Office 365 account can be installed on up to five computers, so multiple users can share Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac data.

Mobile computing works great on every kind of phone. The new version may even boast live video chat on mobile, which we will test out in this series.

Anything a business wants to accomplish can be completed with these tools.

Influential think tank Forrester Research says that the Office 365 cloud model provides a far lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to a traditional on-site installation of the same options.

Microsoft Office 365 2013 Edition is user-friendly whether you have a PC, Mac or Phone.

From a compliance standpoint, Office 365 services offers a 99.97% Financially-Backed Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

New Office 365 2013 Preview

Starting with this introduction, there are three more sections which will showcase the most salient aspects of the new technology in a logical format. We are testing this new system out starting today, and the categories below will fill up as we complete our testing and research and fill in the categories. As of today we are starting with expected archetypal categories, but as we learn more these will change and grow from time to time.

If that was 2013, just imagine what is possible today!

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