DuPont Announces Complete Commitment to Office 365 in the New York Times


According to the New York Times, other news sources, and Microsoft themselves, the DuPont corporation is using Microsoft Office 365 to provide productivity and communications software for their considerable roster of 59,000 users. DuPont has employees worldwide, and they feel that they can foster a better atmosphere of collaboration by having one connected cloud system that serves as the glue that binds their offices worldwide.

Everyone is on the industry standard E-Mail software Microsoft Exchange with Outlook. Outlook now of course has ties to Lync for video meetings and video chat, as well as social monitoring of your contacts for their activities on LinkedIn and the like.

With Microsoft SharePoint, Lync, and Office Web Apps, a group of DuPont employees in various locations on the globe can have a video meeting where all participants are simultaneously editing the same document in real-time while also meeting face-to-face.

Executive management is satisfied with the high compliance standards of Office 365. Boasting a financially backed service level agreement, Microsoft has met the standard for ISO 9000 computing which includes 99.97% uptime and continual backup at multiple redundant facilities. Larger companies like DuPont can not only lower IT costs but have the potential to lower the rates on their regular business liability insurance. DuPont has healthcare and medical divisions as well. Some healthcare activities including the testing of their products require Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules compliance. Microsoft Office 365 is the only cloud productivity software that has met that high standard. With new updates that are coming into effect February 27, 2013, incredible new functionality will be added as well.

Office 365 works with every mobile platform and the Apple Mac, making it a universal software. Employees will be able to take advantage with a license to install the software on up to five devices. That is why Office 365 is the most flexible and dependable cloud productivity suite in the World. That is why DuPont and other Fortune 500 companies are selecting Microsoft Office 365 time after time.

Like all Microsoft Office 365 clients, DuPont will enjoy significant I.T. cost savings. Many larger companies have been able to make massive I.T. staffing reductions at the same time paying lower licensing costs and no equipment or power costs for traditional server-based products. Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Office 365. The possibilities are endless.

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