New Office 365 2013 Preview: PowerPoint

Like other Microsoft Office 2013 products, PowerPoint 2013 uses the same basic ribbon command structure, but it has been optimized for tablet use. The simplification of the interface also makes it more phone ready.

PowerPoint’s built-in themes now have a variation feature which makes them more customizable than the original.

More Choices from the Start

The starting sequence of PowerPoint is different. Rather than opening to a default blank PowerPoint presentation, a starting screen offers you the option of using templates to start off with, open a recent file, and of course, the option of starting with a blank presentation.

More Ways to Start

The slide show view known as Presenter View now automatically adjusts to the projection setup in place by scanning the hardware in use and adapting the presentation to it.

Presenter View

  • Presenter View can now be used on a single monitor.

  • Clicking the magnifying glass allows the user to zoom in on a single slide.

  • Moving or jumping to any slide is possible within this interface.

  • Easy set-up: PowerPoint automatically detects hardware configuration and optimizes the presentation for the available audio-visual equipment.

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