New Office 365 2013 Preview: Installing and Configuring Office 2013

At this point you will have successfully signed up for Office 365. If not please visit here to start. For a table of contents of the New Office 365 series, please visit here.

After signing up, the first thing that you will be asked when you sign in again is to enter your mobile number, capable of receiving text messages. It is a vital to link your account to a stable mobile account if it is for production and not testing purposes. This is used for easy password recovery.

Add Your Mobile Number for Account Recovery

Afterwards, the next most important process is filling out your profile, creating your users, and filling out their profiles. The user name you created when you signed up for your account is a global administrator. It is a bad idea to use an administrative account for daily use in a private setting, and if you own a business that is a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, or PLLC, your business and your conduct are subject to the Sarbanes Oxley Act, which requires among other things a separate technical and functional administration team for your enterprise software, as well as a disaster management and recovery plan. Microsoft has in place the technical team and the disaster management and recovery plan. The Sarbanes Oxley Act states that the end users cannot be on your technical or functional teams. Members of the technical team cannot be on the functional team as well. For small businesses adopting Office 365, a functional team is either a hired cloud consultancy such as the Web and I, or an internal computer specialist who has no end-user duties and is purely an I.T. employee. The head of the functional team is the proper user of the administrative account, referred to as the global administrator account by Microsoft. Again if this is just a test account, these details are not important. For licensing, the global administrator account only needs a SharePoint account in order to program and customize your SharePoint sites. If possible, however, allow a full license or at least an E1 license for your administrator, for $8 per month.

The first place to go to start filling in the profile information is by clicking the Settings Button in the upper right hand corner and clicking the link that pops up underneath, Office 365 Preview settings below.

Click Settings to Begin

Then you will be taken to the Office 365 Preview settings screen, where you should make sure to have a valid mobile number, an address, and then click save.

Office 365 Preview Settings

After filling this information out, be sure to click “Save” before taking the next step.

The next step is to click on your name at the top and then click “About Me” from the drop-down menu. This is where your profile is edited.

The first step is to mouse over the icon image and select the link for changing your image. Follow the directions as follows. This image will prove useful by creating avatars used in other areas of Microsoft Office 365.

Here is the way to edit the basic profile screen:

Edit Profile Details

After editing and saving basic profile details, it is important for your SharePoint settings to edit the language and time zone settings. Click the dots at the end of the menu as shown below to access these settings:

Click Language and Region

Here is what the screen looks like for Language and Region Settings:

Language and Region

The time zone and the language should match and these should also match the time zone settings in your computer for proper operation.

After saving these settings, click Admin in the upper right hand corner to get back to the main administration screen to download software. To download software click here:

Click on Software to download software

On the install software page, it is important to select the 32 bit software (already selected by default) for the greatest functionality with SharePoint and Lync.

Click to install

Then click on Desktop Setup to configure Microsoft Office 2013 to work with Microsoft Office 365 2013.

Click Desktop Setup

For desktop setup, click set up and then click Run on the pop-up screen that follows:

Set Up Desktop

Then sign-in to Microsoft Office 365 on the screen that follows:

Sign In for Desktop Setup

After signing in, leave all options selected and click continue to install.

Click Continue and Leave All Options Checked

Then your system will generally require a reboot, and then a success message will be shown. You will need to configure Outlook and Lync separately.

Admittedly this is a tedious and complex process.

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