The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Polaris Update

One of the best things about using Microsoft Online products, besides their unprecedented reliability and functionality, is the fact that they are always innovating. Microsoft has big plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM this year, and they are going to wow us with a great many new features and functionality. This is not only to enable greater productivity through the features directly, but the idea is to expand the interest for users as well as the number of devices they can use to work with CRM. Consider this the first in a series of many updates of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and new capabilities.

Starting at the end of January and continuing today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is implementing a new update that will affect all users. Microsoft reporters had stated that users would be given a choice of when and how these updates are applied, but these updates are actually applied behind the scenes, with users experiencing features one way on one day, and then the next day they return to improved features. Microsoft is very smart about how they apply the updates, because changes and their functionality tend to be intuitive to the end users, requiring no formal explanation.

Part of the rollout that is the most exciting is the addition of support for new browsers. Now users can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox including on the Mac. Before, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was not usable on the Mac, and this update is very major because of the sheer number of choices that are now available for using this application.

As a result of this update, users will be able to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online on their I-Pads. This is a major plus because of the strong adoption of the I-Pad.

Another significant feature that was added was support for Skype and Lync. With these applications, enterprises can have click-to-call capability, which I wrote about in my article yesterday.

Other updates for CRM were designed to provide added capability to deal with the new features in Microsoft Office 2013.

Many know that Microsoft purchased the enterprise social network Yammer, and many wonder how that would integrate with other applications on desktops or servers. Microsoft has with this update integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Yammer. This will help larger organizations have internal social networking and collaboration in a manner in which users tend to like to work.

Microsoft is not stopping there either. Microsoft is working on new updates that will be available for mid-2013 that include:

  • A native Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Windows 8 application.

  • A native Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Windows Phone 8 application.

Eventually we will see newer and more exciting features, and some of these are already known to this author. I will write more this week about the exciting things that users can expect in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

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