New Office 365 2013 Preview: Microsoft Word

New Microsoft Office Word 2013 allows you to do more than you could with previous versions of Microsoft Office including Microsoft Office 2010. Some of the new things you can do is add an online video to your Word document, use Word to open and edit *.PDF documents, and use it easier on tablet computers. For those working on team documents, editing and annotating with comments is easier in Word 2013 than in previous versions.

There are different features to make reading as pleasant as creating documents as well. There is a reading mode, a feature to zoom in easily on images, text, and graphs, plus the capability to click and define words and search the Web right from within Word. If you are reading a document and close it and re-open it later, Word will ask you if you want to pick up where you left off, or start in a new place.

Word 2013 Web Application, available for Enterprise Microsoft Office 365 versions will have additional features as well, making it more like the desktop version. Another great version for Office 365 users is that if you are using a computer that is not yours and does not have office you can do a quick temporary install of one or all of your apps, which will then disappear from the host computer when you are done.

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