For Users of Lync and Microsoft Dynamics Online, a Click to Dial Feature

Lync has a new feature when used with Office 365 Plan E4 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Jahjah Voice plan for Lync which could prove extremely useful to businesses. The fact is, it takes time to go look up a CRM record, pick up a phone, and then type in the numbers to dial. If you think that this takes you a long time, imagine how long it takes bored employees. Employees like things to be simple and direct. Simple and direct processes also speed up pace of work getting done. Speeding up the completion of work means more profits, less staffing costs, and greater efficiency.

With the advent of Skype joining Office 365 as well, this will work with Skype too. Please note that Lync will have to be configured to make and receive calls for your company. We have professionals who can help you do this.

The important part of preparing your telephone numbers for click to dial is that they are in the right format. If they are not in the right format and you do not wish to manually update all of them, there are tools available from Broadlook that we sell at the Web and I which help clean and normalize your data, and these tools can automatically format your telephone numbers correctly.

The proper format is + then country code (1 for United States) then the rest of the telephone number. For instance, the formatting of the number to reach us at the Web and I is +16468530573.

When you then save the contact form and click on it, the following message opens up the first time:

Do you want to open this link with Lync?

Once this dialog box opens up, un-check the check box next to the message “Always ask before opening this type of address”.

The great thing about this is that for call centers, law offices, medical offices, and financial services, wasted time spent dialing as well as miss-dials will become a thing of the past. If you are a company dealing with sensitive information and do not want your staff to actually see the numbers that they are calling this is a great solution as well, because we at the Web and I have a way to make the telephone numbers appear as all-stars to users of a clerical security level.

These are powerful but complex solutions, useful for the company that does not want to pay a lot for staffing, but wants to keep their telephone operators in the United States. In order to get these features, contact a competent certified Microsoft Partner like the Web and I to help you.

Update: This product has been replaced with updated new products.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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