Pristine Security Record Since our Founding in 2007


Cloud service consultancy the Web and I has a perfect security record for the five years we have been in business. Our clients include small businesses in the legal and financial services sectors as well as retail, wholesale, entertainment, education, and government.

Our perfect security record means that we have never had a breach of client data, and our clients have never had a loss of data or significant service interruption of more than a few hours. Our medical clients have HIPAA compliance, our government and educational clients have systems that are rated with sufficient security and redundancy sufficient for GAO approval. This success is no accident, and can only result from a dedicated staff that lives and breathes compliance, reliability, usability, and enterprise resource planning, along with all of the security aspects of each of these. Our professional core of discriminating clients have been our best guide and inspiration to excel at security, and we anticipate keeping this perfect record indefinitely.

With change, however, comes new threats. Complacency is a condition affecting many computer consultancies when their security records are great, their engineers tend to believe they know all they need to about security after achieving their initial success. They may stop reading professional journals and bulletin boards, and they may not be aware of the next threat headed towards business, education, and government users. We are always aware, and always keep ourselves informed of the latest technologies and techniques used by the experts as well as the hackers.

This security has meant a lot for our clients. Our long-term clients never think about security threats anymore because they have been a thing of the past for years. This allows them to focus on work. For some of our businesses and for some types of business insurance, the kinds of security guarantees, service level agreements, and compliance standards we can achieve the kind of risk management which lower their business insurance costs. We are ready to provide all manner of consultation on limiting the liability exposure of your firm.

When you are considering outsourcing your computing expertise, choose a firm like the Web and I, who have a proven track record of security and satisfaction. Our clients are our best resource for you to find out our difference and what it means for your firm. We could work in so many areas of computing, but secure cloud and on-site computing using industry-standard technologies is our focus. Maintaining that focus allows us to strive for excellence, which then manifests itself in the lack of headaches our clients experience compared to what they are used to from having on-site staff or other consultants.

If you are not using the Web and I, you are doubtless going through a lot of unnecessary trouble, risk, and exposure liability. To find out how you can put these problems under control and in perspective while increasing your functional capabilities and the productivity of your employees, contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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