Toyota Motor Corporation Choses Microsoft Office 365 for its Productivity and Collaborartion Softwar

REDMOND, WA — October 1, 2012 — Microsoft Corporation announced that Toyota Motor Corporation has selected Microsoft Office 365 to use as their official productivity and collaboration software suite. The company, an automotive industry leader, has purchased 200,000 licenses for their employees, and is receiving implementation assistance directly from Microsoft. As they are a larger company, they are going to use a hybrid approach, running SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange Servers on-site to work with, embrace and extend the powers of the Microsoft Cloud licenses.

The goals for Toyota for this implementation include increased use of mobile devices and better communication between employees in disparate locations. “We continually strive to make our business stronger by improving Toyota’s organizational health, and today’s announcement to upgrade our communications is another step toward that goal,” said Shigeki Tomoyama, managing officer at Toyota. “We strongly believe that Microsoft has the most capable platform that delivers ease, excellence and efficiency required to provide the communication experience our employees expect.”

Clearly Toyota is as impressed with Office 365 as we are. The potential for the platform for both businesses and consumers is great. Using the cloud keeps your licenses up to date and provides you with an invaluable set of services you can access from different devices and not just on your computer. Documents too can be stored in Office 365’s SharePoint server, so that they can be securely accessed from anywhere. With Office 365 and SharePoint and Lync, multiple parties at multiple locations can simultaneously edit the same document in real-time while video-teleconferencing in a virtual meeting. These capabilities and many more are experienced by Office 365 users every day. We hear from clients all the time how they could now not imagine running their office with Microsoft Office 365.

“Toyota’s decision to deploy Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Windows Server to its 200,000 employees worldwide is further evidence of the enterprise-class quality and scalability of the world’s most popular productivity platform, as well as another key milestone in our growing alliance together,” said Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner. “By seamlessly integrating both cloud and on-premises environments, Toyota will enable its employees to effortlessly collaborate and communicate with each other, whether they are within the same four walls or in locations around the world.”

That smooth integration of cloud and on-premises environments is not just a benefit for top corporations like Toyota, your company can also experience the same new capabilities and extreme reliability that has attracted clients like Toyota, the Red Cross, and many other large organizations of all kinds. We specialize in the implementation of clients switching to new Microsoft Office 365 environments. We might not have gotten the chance to implement Office 365 at Toyota, but that means that we are available to be there for you when you decide to move to the Cloud.

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