Salesforce CRM Now Offered by the Web and I

We have just signed up as developers of the well-known Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Salesforce is a global software company based in San Francisco, and it is best known for its Salesforce CRM application, which is one of the top three CRM software systems available. Like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Salesforce CRM is an application that is on the cloud.

Salesforce is now a very mature application, and the makers have taken great pains to work with users for years to develop a very usable and smooth interface. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM, or Siebel CRM, Salesforce separates the Customer Relationship Software into several different modules:

  • Sales Cloud

  • The Sales Cloud allows sales personnel to interact on their own social network to discuss prospects, notes about prospects are shared, as well as contact history. With the Sales Cloud, all information about prospects is only collected one time. Avoiding duplication of effort in the collection of prospect information makes the process more accurate, involves less employee work effort in the data collection process and also reduces prospect annoyance from being asked the same question on multiple occasions by companies not using CRM software.

  • Service Cloud

  • The Service Cloud works like a call center and calendaring system allowing employees to plan tasks and summary tasks and interact on the execution of plans without needing to be at the same location or even speak on the telephone. There is also a way for employees to interact on their own social network as well as stay informed about client’s contractual entitlements and billing information.

  • Data Cloud

  • The Data Cloud is the data storage behind the scenes yet in the cloud and also includes a giant collaborative list of over 29 million contacts in four million businesses.

  • Marketing Cloud

  • The Marketing Cloud is a place where your employees can gain critical insights into your prospects, and they can turn into actionable plans, and then collaborate on the execution of those plans with fellow employees in a secure environment.

The Web and I is ready to offer this platform to customers seeking implementation as well as the integration with existing systems. At the Web and I, services we provide for clients seeking to implement a new system are:

  • Data Migration

  • We will move your existing data from any number of applications. Sometimes the import is once, and for other systems that you will keep using we can set up a one or two-way data feed that will allow your applications to share information.

  • Customizations

  • The Web and I creates many objects you need for your enterprise software including workflows, mail-merge documents and alternative naming conventions that suit your business processes and preferences.

  • Training

  • Training at your place of businesses is quick yet essential when it comes time to activating new solution and getting your workforce up to speed in as little as a single day.

To get started with Salesforce CRM, you can get a free trial through us for 30 days. Then you can try the software, and we can start the process of implementing Salesforce for you.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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