Santa Clara California Adopts Office 365 for their E-Mail and Office Productivity Needs

Santa Clara County is the government entity and geographic location of what the rest of the World refers to as Silicon Valley. Cradle too many of the world’s computing mega-companies including Google, Santa Clara County was faced with a decision shared by many state and local governments which need to save money, maintain government software compliance standards, and increase efficiency: the decision to go to the Cloud. Cloud computing has meant increased efficiency, savings, features, and security for companies since June of 2011, but early in 2012, Office 365 was approved for government use, and an increasing number of municipalities have elected to move their existing E-Mail and productivity software off of their servers and on to the Microsoft Cloud.

What is interesting about the choice by Santa Clara County is that Google is based there, and Google has a program that they present as an alternative to Microsoft Office 356, Google Docs. The problem with Google Docs is it is simply a ramped-up version of Gmail, without features that set Office 365 apart like SharePoint and Lync and Unified Messaging. One can assume that Santa Clara County, of all of the counties in the Country, is certainly in a position to make an informed technology decision, and their selection of Microsoft over companies in their back yard like Google, speaks to the nature of Microsoft and their Office 365 product: when it comes to E-Mail and productivity software from the Cloud, there is no comparison. According to Jeffrey V. Smith, county executive, “Our midmanagers and frontline employees are in a unique position to help the county find workable solutions to challenges. By standardizing the way we approach technology and procurement, we will be able to enhance efficiencies throughout the organization and finance them within existing resources.” The County of Santa Clara, because of their location, has always been viewed as a technology leader not only by municipalities but also by businesses. Here are some of the compelling reasons that helped Santa Clara County and many organizations and municipalities to make their choice:

Exchange Hosted E-Mail

Users in business and government worldwide are familiar with Exchange and the desktop face of it, Outlook. Office 365 gives you the robust Exchange Hosted E-Mail without the need for a server or software costing thousands of dollars.

Microsoft Office Desktop Software

Everyone is familiar with and most offices use and pay for Microsoft Office desktop software. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access are all familiar document types to anyone who has worked in an office in the last 20 years. With Office 365, licensing expenses for the latest version of Office for all of your users are automatically included.

Microsoft SharePoint Server

Not everyone is familiar with SharePoint server but they should be. SharePoint is a great replacement for your traditional office file server that has new ways to organize, share, and protect your documents.

Microsoft Lync (now replaced with newer products by Microsoft Office 365)

Not everyone is familiar with Lync, which is a service and a desktop application for corporate IM, video chats, and webinars. Lync has been the backbone of the Office Communication Server features many once new, packaged with new features and a new name.

This article is quite a number of years old. However, Microsoft Office 365 has come a long way since then. We have also improved what we do in the intervening years, and we are still working with Microsoft.

How do you get started with Office 365? The best way is to contact your Microsoft Office 365 Partner the Web and I. Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started with a free consultation now!

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