Setting up Lync for the Windows 7 Phone

Lync on a Windows 7 Phone gives organizations the ability to have continued employee presence including secure instant messaging. Eventually Lync for Windows 7 Mobile will have video messaging available. Still, the ability to send official and secure messages on your own network to contact staff from different locations who are supposed to be on-call is a reassuring ability. Eventually, the full Web Meeting technology will be available on the Windows 7 Mobile Platform, but until that time there is still a technological advantage. Note that the forward facing video cameras may be usable with Skype, and we will see if there is a Skype application for the Windows 7 Phone, test it, and write back on this site. It is important to mention at this point that support for Lync is not limited to Windows 7 phone, but is also available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Symbian, and the Web and I is ready to support your Office 365 needs as well.

The first time I tried to set up the Windows 7 Phone with Lync was a little confusing, because the seemingly simple login procedure was not sufficient to successfully login. Lync sometimes has difficulty signing in. Entering the Microsoft Office 365 E-Mail and Password resulted in an error. The error is caused by the Lync servers being hard to find for the phone. If they were not hard to find, the phone would be able to automatically discover the servers. Fortunately, the solution is easy. I have included the steps below so that you can easily walk through them to set up your mobile phone for Lync below:

  1. After entering the E-Mail and Password, tap the screen at “Sign in as”, and select the status you should see when you log in.

  2. Tap “User name” and enter in your Office 365 E-Mail address again.

  3. Tap the indicator to the right of “Auto-detect server”, and slide the switch to off.

  4. Tap “Internal discovery address” and enter

  5. Tap “External discovery address and enter

  6. Tap the check mark at the bottom. As long as your Office 365 E-mail and Password are correct, the login should work.

These instructions might be too complicated for some to have the time or the inclination to follow, and if that is the case, we at the Web and I would be very happy to help. Simply call us today to discuss your issues at (646) 853-0573

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