Users of Quickbooks Can Interface their Accounting Software with Microsoft

The Web and I, a New York Microsoft Business Software Consultancy, has been working with developers at Intuit / QuickBooks, in the testing and refinement of their new app QuickBooks Dashboard for CRM. This product is designed to interface QuickBooks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in both directions. This means that the QuickBooks Accounting Software can share data with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can share data with QuickBooks.

The kinds of data that can be exchanged include customers, invoices, vendors, and receivables aging.

There are a number of reasons for a business to use this. QuickBooks can be hosted on a server, but it typically resides on a single computer. On a single computer, only one person in the office has a computer that can issue invoices, pay vendors, track customers, or see receivables and use them for collections. Typically this results in billing which is behind schedule and slower, and other staff who could participate and assist in the billing process are stuck on the sidelines, waiting for the invoices to get issued from that one single computer and user. Another thing that happens is the data gap. If an address is updated in either QuickBooks or CRM, nobody ever finds out about it in the other system, because the two systems are not able to talk to each other. In these cases, incorrect work and / or correspondence will occur, and there will be a need to duplicate work, entering the new information in both systems. That is what the QuickBooks Dashboard for CRM. Businesses employing such systems can save labor, sometimes even eliminating extra positions and more than paying for any software and implementation expenses.

Right now it is already possible to use QuickBooks to synchronize the customers and products and services successfully, and you can also see the balance due and receivables in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In a few more weeks, the synchronization of the actual invoices in both directions will be a reality.

The Web and I already has a client using this cutting-edge technology, and we have successfully been synchronizing the records. The effect for this firm is great, for they have QuickBooks on a single computer, and they can now issue invoices in the more-convenient Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We are not going to give up on the capabilities of QuickBooks either, rather we will extend them with the use of online banking, vendor management, reports, and the full range of QuickBooks functionality.

When you’re ready to link your accounting to your customer systems, or if you need brand new systems to replace mostly manual office procedures, the Web and I are Microsoft Partners with references of businesses like yours who have been helped.

This article is several years old, but the technologies described herein are still going strong. They have, in fact, come a long way since then. So have we: our knowlege and efficiency has improved.

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