Removing the Sirefef Virus

Today I had the chance to encounter multiple computers infected with a recent virus for Windows called Sirefef. This virus is particularly difficult to remove. When one looks for search results at ways to remove Sirefef, there are a bevy of instructions and even programs offered. Some of the programs suggested are legitimate, such as Kaspersky Labs TDSKiller. Others spread their own viruses, serving to further infect the computer. The difficulty in finding any kind of instructions, and the variety of suggestions, suggest that the world at large does not.

Every virus has a purpose, and the purpose of Sirefef is to redirect search results to their own pay-per-click results in Google and Yahoo. This leads to annoying results. The virus will also shut down internet traffic if you try to update your virus definitions or use Windows Update.

Having removed it from several computers myself today, I have noticed that just as it is on the Internet, each computer requires its’ own way to break the Sirefef Virus. Because of this, it is impossible to offer a single solution available to you in your office except for one: to call us immediately at. We will be able to come over to your office quickly with a virtual visit and remove it from any and all computers.

This article is from a number of years ago, but our commitment to protecting our clients from viruses has not. Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started with a free consultation now!

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