Office 365: The Mobile Multi-Platform Solution: iPhone Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone

Here at the Web and I we work with Microsoft cloud products including Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise, Dynamics CRM Online, and Windows Azure on a daily basis, but we are always surprised with all of the great new features, and functionalities.

Most recently we are seeing a big upswing in people using mobile devices who need to access their enterprise:

  • Document Libraries

  • E-mail

  • Faxing

  • SharePoint

  • Lync Video Teleconferencing

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Corporate Contacts

  • Enterprise Instant Messaging.

  • Remote Secure Windows Azure Desktop

  • And more…

The surprising thing is that, sooner than expected, we are seeing Microsoft Office 365 and CRM on mobile platforms including but not limited to:

  • iPhone

  • Android

  • iOS

  • BlackBerry

  • Windows Phone

In fact, Microsoft Office 365 Universal Messaging services include voice-mail and switchover to Mobile and many other features, completely replacing PBX services. With the Web and I’s Fax Integration for Microsoft Office 365, you can experience faxing from your mobile phones, both incoming and outgoing. this gives you the ability to access any document, form, or report on your telephone, edit it if necessary, and print the document to any fax machine you are near, anywhere in the World.

Despite being on the cutting edge of technology, the reliability of service reaches the hard-to-attain ISO 9000 standard. Standards for security of this access transcend the security limitations of the individual mobile platforms by delivering everything over secure https 256 bit encrypted technology, implemented to a higher security standard than your online banking has today (we invite these banks to call us when they are ready for our cloud solutions from Microsoft). With security and features in mind, it is vital to select Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise, rather than the Small Business editions. We have experience implementing both, but when you consider there are no more licensing expenses for desktop editions of Microsoft Office. Both PC and Mac versions are available, and each user has a license to install on their five favorite computers regardless of platform.

Small businesses will certainly benefit from this new mobile access. When running a small business, everyone working in your office will be expected to fulfill multiple roles, and often will have to be available while out of the office not only to speak to over the phone, but to be able to edit a document, collaborate on a project, interact with a client in a video teleconference or via corporate IM, or retrieve and print documents in another office or in a hotel or airport. Of all three standard business sizes, small businesses between 0 and 99 employees stand to gain the most functionality and save the most money, gaining functionality impossible to them before Microsoft Cloud Services were available.

Medium sized businesses are doing their best to remain relevant and competitive, and that means adopting the latest enterprise-grade technology. Technology that integrated, useful, and secure used to be prohibitively expensive to businesses between 100 and 499 employees. Cloud computing is essential not only to cut previous IT costs to a fraction of what they were before the Microsoft Cloud, but also to change the financial outlay to a monthly model. Of all three standard sizes of businesses, Medium-Sized businesses are the ones that can get the greatest benefit of improving cash flow and seeing an immediate positive influence on the Balance Sheet.

Large businesses with more than 500 employees already have to provide Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft Office Desktop Edition, Windows Enterprise, CRM, Fax, Enterprise IM, Enterprise Security, Project Management and more. Executives know that Office 365 with Windows Intune and Microsoft Dynamics CRM will cover all of these needs and more. Entrenched IT departments focused on waiting for servers to fail and react rather than being focused on providing new capabilities no longer seem worth the expense to the Shareholders and the Board. Everything spent on corporate IT can be a combination of a one-time implementation expense with infrequent upgrades and an on-going subscription to three simple software products at one license per employee. IT staff can be maintained at a skeleton crew level of one junior-level technician per 100 employees to assist in configuring new user devices and solving problems with the help of the highly capable engineers at Microsoft Technical Support.

All sized businesses may soon find a need for a Windows Azure Virtual Machine Desktop. Windows will always be a consistent and secure experience, and you can access it from any web browser on any device, anywhere. This virtual desktop (or server!) can be integrated with Microsoft Cloud Services.

This article is quite a few years old. However, the products described for Office 365, Windows Azure, and everything besides the Windows Phone and arguably Blackberry still exist! Just think about how much we have improved in the intervening years! To get started with Microsoft Cloud Services, call the Web and I, authorized Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Reseller for the best service possible. Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started with a free consultation now!

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