Website Copywriting for Small Business

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of their websites and their reputation with customers and search engines. Larger businesses have in-house marketing departments that can generate plenty of new content which is in-line with corporate philosophy. Small businesses have enough to do without the owners and key workers writing thousands of words of edited fresh content per week, unless business is very slow and the proprietors enjoy writing.

Copy written for your website has to be made for reading. Everything you put forth has to be exciting and engaging so that the reader’s interest is maintained until the sale is made. There is a definite path to publishing material that will keep your readers’ interests. Copy has to take all of the aspects of the market your business engages in and reflects the concerns, excitements, disappointments and techniques employed by existing and potential clients. Businesses can never be certain in advance what topics get the most interest, so it is important to spend time brainstorming a comprehensive set of topics relating to your business and the environment of your industry. Style and variety are other factors that make readers enjoy the entire article.

Beyond being effective for engaging customers, copy written for the Web has special considerations that have to be taken into account if articles are to be found by the people who would be most interested, especially the decision-makers in your client’s family or firm. Keywords related to your industry and the way your clients search for information related to your industry need to be strategically included in all copy. This practice ensures that the copy which is published is properly indexed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Very savvy offices will make sure that their content reaches major social networks as well, because some customers are actually searching through Facebook and Twitter now, rather than just through the search engines. This can be done most efficiently with websites featuring automatic syndication.

Besides copy written for the business website, small businesses also benefit from the publicity and increase in website traffic that results from regularly issued press releases which are timely and relevant. Unless you are IBM, Ford, Apple or Microsoft, a press release about your business is going to be completely boring to the public at large and will be rejected by most of the possible websites that are picking up press releases for publication. This does not mean that small businesses will not benefit from press releases, rather that the press releases written by small businesses need to be actual articles about the industry or market they are in. Releases have to be part of an overall strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) and publicity, and proper planning as far as topics and release dates is necessary for the best results.

The Web and I has solutions for new content for your website including news aggregation, writing new website content, and writing and distributing press releases. We would love to have the opportunity to discuss with you how our copywriting services can serve you today with a free consultation. Call us now at 646-853-0573.

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