A New, Powerful Computer: Possibly the Best Employee Incentive

Every day I read reports about how the Desktop is dead and that people are moving to laptops and tablets. However, in the Workplace, people get the most done with their Desktop PC’s because it is the most efficient way to work. A desktop has more power to run large applications. Even today’s Office programs can slow down a tablet, and productivity suffers when you are paying your employees to wait for their computers because they are slow. Desktops also have larger screen area than other more mobile forms of computing, and they allow workers to see a full-page of a document while editing. The most important feature of the desktop is that it has the best human-computer interface of all computing devices. A full-sized keyboard makes the fastest typing speeds possible. Having a separate hand-held mouse rather than a mousepad as is available on laptops also increases productivity, making opening and closing and moving of programs and windows much faster.

While we are all familiar with desktop features, it is not yet common knowledge that the computer you buy for yourself or your employee is only a fast computer for the first three years. After that, the technology becomes obsolete. You may have been using the same operating system for ten years: Windows XP. But during that time, every week or two new updates were installed by Windows Update. When Windows Updates are added, operating systems become larger and more complex. After three years, your computer will not be as quick, and a tipping point is reached where employees with computers older than three years are losing productivity waiting for their computers. It is also a subtle source of frustration, and can send the wrong message to Employees. A new computer solves more than one problem.

Employers looking for ways to boost morale and productivity need look no further than timely computer upgrades. Not only does productivity increase because of decreased waiting for slow computers, but employees are much happier working with a fast computer. It can cause people to lose their concentration when they have to wait for a system response. New computers also tell employees that productivity is important to the employer and that the employer is savvy enough to know the value of providing the best tools.

Overall, the most important facts are that it is cheaper to get new computers than to pay idle employees: new computers will pay for themselves when you replace them every three years. Multiple reasons for productivity increases is the other important factor that should affect your decision.

Your local computer consultant can provide you the best advice about purchasing and installing multiple computers, and they have resources that can help.

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