Social Media Monitoring

When we launch a social media campaign for your business, it is not the end of the process: your campaign requires monitoring, which can either be done by your firm in-house, or the Web and I can manage the monitoring of your social media campaign ourselves. We are well aware and prepared to help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media, because we are very experienced and always learning more. The Web and I has developed a five stage plan to follow-up with social media:

  • Defining Goals – We start by taking inventory of our clients’ goals for their social media campaigns. We take into account what our clients would like to monitor, details such as customer service inquiries, product reviews or reactions, general discussions, or comment spam. Often the goal is to identify potential new customers as well as to monitor the reputation of their products and services.

  • Planning – Once we understand the defined goals of the social media campaign, we develop a roadmap to get there. Working with our clients, we develop a list of keywords to which we should pay attention to. The priority of our social media efforts is to listen to the right posts and tweets of potential buyers and existing customers.

  • Methods of Interaction – According to the guidelines we have set up in the Planning stage, we define specific responses to different scenarios. When we are planning this we take into consideration all of the possible types of posts that potential customers, existing customers, and critics may pose. We then define how we will respond to each of these.

  • Relationship Building – Because social media is a form in which to interact with customers, potential customers, and critics, we look for ways to build relationships with these parties in ways that help to build the recognition of your brand. We understand the importance of effective communication, and we will find the best ways to leverage the process to your advantage.

  • Evaluation – We are always evaluating the results we get versus the original defined goals for the projects. Social media is continually changing, so evaluation helps us deal with this change as well as monitoring your results. The experts at the Web and I are always working to find new ways to improve what we do with social media. When we are finished with our Evaluation, we return to the first step and repeat the process.

We are always ready and eager to help you with a new social media campaign or to help monitor and respond to an existing one. Our experts are on the cutting edge of social media marketing, and we would like to help you improve your branding efforts and get you new customers today.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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