Landing Pages for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The landing page design professionals at the Web and I are ready to provide you with results in the form of great conversion rates for your pay-per-click advertising campaign. To make sure you have the best possible landing page to make the most return on investment, we test two landing pages side-by-side for results in a process known as A/B Testing. We do our best to match the content of your potential customers to the search terms they are using.

Landing pages which are not properly thought out and are under-designed are not able to hold the attention of your potential customers, resulting in poor conversion rates and wasting advertising dollars. With the increasing costs of pay-per-click advertising campaigns, it is essential to have a very optimized and targeted landing page.

Our professionals will make landing pages that are specific to your campaign and reflect the needs and wants of your target audience. Our team will put each page together from scratch, with carefully chosen images and language while using proven technologies and techniques to increase your sales.

Testing, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement

What kind of advertisement is the best to accentuate your products and services? Many original ideas will come from you, but there is always room for improvement. The landing page optimization process involves the study of your target market and the behavior of online consumers. Each page must be put together to attract your target market, but the page design will be in testing phase until the performance can be tested by comparing to similar landing page designs in what is called A/B testing. We will test different ideas until we find out what works and doesn’t work for you in practice, rather than going with our first design. This will make a great deal of difference to your bottom-line.

Ideas from Other Important Pages on your Site

Gaining a conversion on your landing page is great, but what about cross-selling of other related products on your site? A well-designed landing page takes content from other pages of your site, and has suggestions for other related purchases on your site which your potential customers may be interested in. Additional suggestions or enticing copy can be placed which will be of interest to a consumer who has already made a purchase.

An Effective Call-To-Action

Having an effective call-to-action is an intrinsic part of creating a great landing page. The call-to-action is the part of the page that draws to consumer and urges them to act, making a purchase or requesting additional information. The call-to-action should be alluring and enticing. This part of the advertising is very similar to traditional advertising, and involves a collaboration between graphic artists and content writers.

The most important part of our landing page designs, is that they are designed to work with your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Each landing page is crafted to compliment them keywords you have selected in your pay-per-click ad group. Together with us, we will team up to maximize your return on investment.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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