Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Web and I is a premier provider of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services. Search Engine Marketing is the management of pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other networks. There are three aspects to SEM, and the Web and I is an industry leader in all three: pay-per-click advertising campaign management, ad landing page management, and public relations.

The popularity of pay-per-click advertising with businesses has increased dramatically in the United States and abroad. The great demand for pay-per-click advertising is evident in Google’s recent earnings report: they reported a 23% increase in their paid search advertising business. Businesses of all sizes are using pay-per-click advertising, from Fortune 500 enterprises to sole proprietorships. In fact, companies are spending more on pay-per-click and less on traditional advertising such as newspaper advertisements, radio spots, television, and billboards: they are finding a greater return on investment with pay-per-click. The Web and I founder Martin Low noticed this change in the market and positioned the Web and I to enter this new, growing field with a strong reputation. What you get with a campaign managed by the Web and I is a systematic revenue generating machine which provides great return on investment to our clients.

The optimization of landing pages is an intrinsic part of search engine marketing ad campaigns. Google has stated that pay-per-click ad visibility is assigned more favorably to companies that have keyword-rich well-written landing pages. The goal of our landing page optimization is to create pages that have strong content, a compelling call to action, and a good record of conversion of potential customers.

With the high cost of pay-per-click advertising and the need for conversions, it is important to contract with a pay-per-click firm that has a proven track record of expertise. We research and cultivate our technologies and techniques on a regular basis. We ensure that our practices are effective, ethical, and provide a good return on investment. Don’t be fooled by other less experienced companies and their claims of being able to help you with your campaign: you will just spend extra money and get burned.

Public relations services are also a very cost-effective method that will increase visibility and exposure for your firm and expose your message in the media. The Web and I has an excellent reputation with media networks both online and in print. We offer comprehensive public relations services.

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