Search Engine Optimization Ethics

As a provider of SEO services, the Web and I has a lot of pride in our ability to provide quality service and fantastic results for our SEO efforts. The SEO field, however, has no regulations: anyone can practice SEO, and not every provider of SEO services is known for great ethics. There are firms without the same ethical boundaries that use techniques which the Web and I and other respectable SEO firms would not use. The techniques these firms use will get your Websites blacklisted from Google and other search engines.

The Web and I adheres to ethical practices, and we not only do this for our customers, we also seek to improve the image of the SEO industry by promoting ethical standards. When you are using an ethical provider like the Web and I, you can be rest-assured that your site will not be banned by Google and other search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization Ethics

  • We will always adhere to United States and International Law as far as business and Internet regulation is concerned.

  • We will treat all of our client’s projects with the same importance we would with our own website and brand.

  • We will avoid any technologies or techniques that put the reputation or the search engine listing status of our clients in jeopardy.

  • We will follow the rules of Google and other search engines, and we will keep up with news posted about their standards so that we may best apply them to our clients’ projects.

  • We will consult in good faith, and we will take the time to research and give the best advice possible in line with the objectives of their businesses.

  • We will maintain complete client confidentiality when it comes to their projects either in progress or proposed.

  • We will maintain a non-compete clause that states that we will not help a competing firm within the same geographical location to your own.

  • We will avoid non-ethical practices including copied content, unethical software, link-farms, plagiarism, or doorway pages.

Search Engine Optimization Companies Without Ethics Cause Businesses

  • Blacklisting by Google and other search engines.

  • Dishonor in front of clients or potential clients.

We hope this will tell you something more about the philosophy of the Web and I. When you contract with us we care about your results and the reputation of your business.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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