Reputation Management

Are you aware of what customers are saying about your brand? Your customers are!

The management of your brand’s reputation is starting to become one of the most important parts of running a business. With an increasingly connected world, consumers are doing their homework, and they are also offering feedback in more places like, Yelp,, Ripoff Report, social networks, and niche sites specific to many different industries.

People are more likely to post comments about their negative experiences than their positive experiences. These opinions can change the way people see your business. If your customers are seeing your business online, 80% of them done a little looking online to try to read reviews when they are deciding whether to use your company. It is this process that makes the management of your reviews increasingly important.

Because it is important to you, the Web and I maintains the right professionals who are skilled in managing your online reputation, monitoring it, and safeguarding it. We will go to any effort to ensure that your company maintains a respectable online reputation.

Once you understand the critical importance of reputation management, it is also valuable to understand the process that the Web and I uses, which has earned us a great reputation with our clients. Our reputation management procedures has had a 100% successful track record improving the reputations of our clients.

Stage 1: Analyze

  • Take inventory of the company’s reputation online.

  • Create graphical representations of the online reputation.

  • Provide a list of sources to support the research.

  • Come up with incentives for existing clients to post positive comments and ratings on various online venues.

Stage 2: Reputation Improvement

  • Publicize incentives for positive comments and ratings to existing customer base.

  • Create links from the company’s website to the positive reviews, giving them higher search engine value.

  • Use SEO methods to lessen the importance of negative reviews.

  • Contact those with negative reviews and attempt to change their opinion and work with the company for their satisfaction so that comments may be removed.

Stage 3: Response Tactics

  • Design and implement tactics to respond to negative comments and complaints systematically.

  • Train the company to deal with negative comments and help them respond correctly.

  • Post responses to negative comments that show the steps that have been taken to resolve the complaints.

Stage 4: Evaluation

  • Work towards showing that the company and brand is a problem-solver and that they are willing to work with customers for their satisfaction.

  • Evaluate the campaign to measure improvements.

  • Build the company’s reputation and strengthen it, avoiding future negative comments.

When you are interested in reputation management, call us for a free consultation.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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