Increasing Sales with Social Paid Advertising (Social PPC)

The best way to supplement traditional search engine optimization (SEO) is with paid advertising. Not only are search engines like Google a great place for advertising, but some of the more popular social networks offer their own advertising programs. The professionals at the Web and I can help you with your campaigns.

Advertising involves strategy, and it is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. That is why in addition to search advertising such as Google pay-per-click programs it is a good idea to leverage the more popular social networks and their advertising programs. It is all about how you want to expose your target market to the products and services you offer: they are on the social networks just as often or even more so than on search engines, and you can gain new customers easily.

Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Business owners everywhere like the idea of their ad being exposed to a social network with over 800 million potential customers. Using Facebook advertising has many advantages including this large audience. Social PPC advertising on Facebook is a great way to increase exposure and gain new customers.

Besides the large audience, Facebook is known for collecting data about people. This rich demographic database of 800 million people is not for the advantage of the individual user: Facebook makes it work for the advertiser. As a Facebook advertiser, your business can target your audience by age, sex, location, interests and more. The platform allows you to combine an image with your text, and you can test your ads to find out which are the most effective before your campaign is completely launched.

Twitter Promoted Tweets Advertising

Twitter is a great place for your online marketing efforts. Featuring a large user base, there are a great many potential customers available. Twitter offers a service known as promoted tweets. These tweets are like ordinary tweets, providing the same functionality, but can reach a wider audience.

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Many professionals are on LinkedIn, and the tone of this network is very serious. You may in fact have used your account to find your present position, or you know of friends or acquaintances who have done so.

If you are marketing to an upscale clientele, or if you are offering products or services business-to-business, then LinkedIn advertising makes a great deal of sense.

Why Social PPC?

If you think of the Internet in terms of the way you think of the World, Social PPC makes a lot of sense. In the World there are neighborhoods and cities with their own populations. In Social Media on the Internet, there are also enclaves of regular users, much like cities or neighborhoods. This makes social media a great way to engage with millions of potential customer’s day or night.

The Web and I takes a great deal of interest in helping companies small and large to make the best of the opportunities presented by social media and Social PPC. We are ready to handle paid-ad campaigns for clients of all sizes. Now is a great time to take advantage of this tried and true form of advertising. Our services are particularly helpful to smaller businesses that lack the experience to properly leverage this opportunity.

This is an article we wrote years ago. Imagine how far we have come since then! Let us impress you.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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