The Benefits of a WordPress Website

Most people think of WordPress as just a site for amateur bloggers. However WordPress has been around a long time, and during that time they have picked up a lot of features and expertise that has made them into a premier web host. Most people do not realize that WordPress actually has a large client base of serious websites, including Time Magazine, NBC Sports, TED, Dow Jones, and more. They have all realized the benefits of managing the complex needs of their sites with WordPress.

WordPress provides a sophisticated content management system scheme. This means that once your site is complete, you can edit the content yourself without having to call on expensive web design resources. Areas for editing or adding new content can be delegated to your staff, or you can take control yourself.

WordPress has many layouts or themes to choose from. We can help you choose one that will work for your business. These themes have options of interest including great front page headline sliders, to add motion and interest to the homepage of your Website. All kinds of media from pictures to mp3 files to videos can be added to articles as well. Your customers can also leave you feedback in the form of comments, questions, or testimonials: With a WordPress site, you have an interactive forum to actively engage your customers if you so desire.

There are many optional features available on your WordPress site. You can add statistical counters, category clouds, tag clouds, and even an active list of authors with links to their profiles that pop up when the cursor hovers over them. All of these serve to make your site more interesting and engaging.

Search engine optimization features are built-in as well. Because of the interest of larger businesses, WordPress has integrated SEO tools which enable you to verify your site and register it with Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Central. There is also social media syndication available to automatically share new articles you have written across your social networks, thereby further engaging new sets of customers and potential customers.

All of this complexity is easy to use, but it is not easy to set up. That is where our expertise comes into play. We are experts at setting up WordPress sites, boasting many happy customers, all of whom are willing to serve as our references. They will tell you how easy we made it for them to succeed with WordPress. They will tell you how much new business is generated by the sites we have made them. They will also let you know how easy it is for them to use their own sites when they want to.

So whether you want to manage your own site, or if you want a “Done for you” solution, call the Web and I at 646-853-0573 and get started now!

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