Facebook Announces Major Updates at F8 Convention

Facebook is one day into their F8 conference where major changes are being discussed. Many users we have spoken to have given their opinions, and their first statement is invariably that they have seen so many changes already. Profiles have changed, the chat has changed, Facebook messaging has a new interface, and users have experienced several iterations of privacy and subscription options change.

What Zuckerberg is trying to do is to take the boredom out of Facebook, and leverage the technology to provide a ubiquitous social layer to the Web. As an IT firm producing websites, the Web and I has worked hard to always integrate Facebook into the user experience. Almost all of our visitors are on Facebook, and the ubiquitous “Like” button is something that people are used to seeing, and it is a happy and familiar site on any page it goes on. Facebook fan page boxes are also getting more common. Feeds from our new posts on websites of our company and clients are posted to hundreds of pages on Facebook. The feed also appears in their Facebook fan page boxes on their site in the streaming section. A list of the latest fans appears below that. At the top is a “Like” or “Subscribe” button as it is now going to become.

Social Graphing functionality is something that Facebook has created as a technology and opened up for developers with a simple API, but there are powerful ways that this and similar technology can be leveraged for marketing purposes that have yet to be discovered. Businesses ignore Facebook and other social networks at their own peril, as they can get a considerable part of their market share from the pool of users in all of the more popular networks. We generally advise network use by companies to be about 100 social networks, the most important of which is Facebook.

Marketing and consumer response and engagement of people is the tone of the many changes, but this article remains vague as the information released so far is vague and open to speculation. Like so many publicity events, this one by Facebook provides a lot of marketing interest without delving too deeply into specific changes, technologies, and impacts for business.

More about F8 can be found at Mashable.com

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