Microsoft Office 365 News for July 2011

Microsoft Office 365 was launched on June 28. Though we were not at the party, we were already hard at work with our first few clients on Office 365 production systems.

In the blogosphere, VentureBeat, a blog on the implications of innovation, Peter Yared writes, Why Microsoft’s Office 365 will Clobber Google Apps. Yared states that Office 365 offers continuity with today’s SharePoint / Exchange / Microsoft Office environment and throws in new features and great cost savings. In a world resistant to change, holding onto some familiarity with applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook help to reduce training downtime and resistance. Users are able to immediately be productive and can expect a reliable interface that will remain the same over time. Add to that the fact that you do not need on-site IT staff at great expense, and the decision for businesses becomes simple.

In the Government Technology blog, the municipality of Arlington Virginia shares some of their Office 365 migration advice as it relates to small businesses and government clients.

A large company, Hendricks Automotive Group of Charlotte, North Carolina has 75 car dealerships nationwide and over 7000 employees. Yet they manage to run this multi-billion dollar business with an IT staff of only 13. They are able to run this business with so few IT experts because of Microsoft Office 365.

Computerworld had recently posted an article with Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid Office 365. After the launch, however, the same author has changed his tune posting 5 Reasons to Embrace Microsoft Office 365 (or at least some of it).

According to Information Week, Microsoft has contributed $250,000 to the Microsoft Office 365 implementation of the University of Nebraska. For key deals, Microsoft is sometimes willing to provide incentives. However with an implementation that size, the donation just covers some of the implementation expenses. What is most important to us in this story is the fact that large universities and even government agencies are willing to adopt Microsoft Office 365. This should tell you, the small business owner, that their cost savings and increased efficiency can be yours as well. Stay ahead of the curve and get started now!

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