Citadel: a New Compliance and Data Warehouse Solution for Microsoft Office 365

The Web and I understands the imperative to cut costs while increasing capabilities. It is more than the initial down payment costs, but the expenses of on-site IT staff and most repair visits must be eliminated.

In our years of helping small businesses, we have had to help every client we have improve their compliance profiles. Our experience includes compliance solutions now used in law firms, financial institutions, research institutes, hospitals, doctors offices, and insurance companies.

While complex and expensive solutions such as Bloomberg Vault for Microsoft Office 365 have been introduced into the Market today, the Web and I has been scaling up to providing services beyond that which Bloomberg has. Bloomberg has a great product, but it is extremely expensive and takes a one-size-fits-all approach. Bloomberg incorrectly states that they are the first product offering with real-time compliance for Microsoft Office 365 because they launched their service today, July 14, 2011. We have launched our solutions on June 28, 2011 along with Microsoft. We had clients that were part of the Beta. We were impressed by the offering, and we have integrated a few ideas from it, but our solution takes the wonderful value and security of the Bloomberg Vault and takes it to the next level with:

  • À la carte services. With this you can order everything as you need it and avoid any surprises.

  • A Hybridization solution with identity federation and single sign-on.

  • Integration with SAP Business Objects for great data warehousing features, drift analysis, and extremely flexible visual representations of complex data.

  • Employee Automatic Time-Card.

  • Virtual Customer Service Staff.

  • Website Monitoring.

  • Telephone answering services with audio archive of all calls.

  • Payroll Software Integration

  • Accounting Software Integration.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Cloud.

  • E-Fax for Microsoft Office 365 with Compliant Archiving.

  • Office MFP (Multi-Function Printer and Scanner) integration to SharePoint and Archiving.

  • Mass Mailing Services.

  • Mass E-Mail Services.

  • Desktop Remote Management.

  • Server Remote Management.

  • Data Warehouse Solutions

  • Training Solutions.

  • Team Motivation Events.

  • Change Management Services.

These are all part of the Web and I’s Citadel, your data safety and compliance solution. And there are reasons why we can tell you it is superior. The increased data performance available with an on-site Office 365 server will be great for businesses that have intense data needs and have to throttle bandwidth between their offices and Microsoft’s data centers will be very happy. This is going to be available in the fall.

Each company is different, so tell us your needs, and we can see how we can best help you. Call 646-853-0573 now to learn more.

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