The Web and I Creates First U.S. Based Office 365 Fax Service

Inspired by Europe’s success in creating integrated faxing from Office 365, the Web and I has helped two local businesses to discard their fax machines in favor of virtualized E-Faxing services.

This service is also cloud based, and the benefits include:

  • The ability to send faxes from your E-Mail from Outlook or Web Outlook.

  • The ability to receive faxes in Outlook or Web Outlook.

  • The ability to route faxes directly to Office 365 SharePoint 2010 Workspace.

  • The ability to integrate your Multi-Function Printer and Scanner.

  • The ability to receive and review or print your faxes anywhere.

  • The ability to print your documents to any fax machine around you, print your documents to your client’s or vendor’s fax machine in their office!

  • The ability to receive all fax transmissions receipts in Outlook.

  • The ability to store all fax transmissions, receipts, and received faxes in a legally compliant archive with disaster management and recovery plans rated at ISO 9000 standards. The archive can only be deleted by Microsoft and the standards employed make the proof of sending and receiving documents available in a manner suitable for presentation as evidence in a court of law.

  • The ability to add signatures, logos, custom fax cover sheets, and other visual refinements.

  • Mass faxing capabilities.

  • The ability to send and receive faxes using the Web and I, Secure Faxing capabilities.

Because we are a boutique firm serving many professionals in diverse fields including healthcare, law, real estate, finance, banking, mortgages, and E-Commerce, we are sensitive to the unique compliance needs you may have. Some businesses are happy just to know that everything is backed up and safe. We provide that. But in addition, we serve and fulfill the following additional compliance standards which may be required by your field:

  • Health Care Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Standards.

  • Graham-Leach Bliley Act (GLB).

  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).


June 23, 2011, first integration of Office 365 in the US by a local law firm, the name of which can be announced subsequent to their own press release on June 27, 2011. Our second client is already in the planning phase for a five-line fax installation July 1, 2011.

Clients in Progress

First United Services

The Current Business Process and their faxing

First United Services, a ten-employee mortgage modification firm in Long Island, New York, has been helping people keep their homes for over a decade. Despite others in the field that lack a good reputation or business practices, First United Services actually succeeds in closing mortgage modifications with lenders and securing more favorable terms for their clients, regardless of circumstances. Their need for document faxing is in the thousands per month. They send many documents to banks that are for official business. Right now, many of the transmission reports are kept on paper folders. Sometimes they get lost. Everyone has to wait on-line to use their beautiful state-of-the-art Multi-Function Printer to send a fax. Scanning capabilities are built-in, but nobody knows how to access any scanned documents other than faxing them somewhere. Their office has just implemented Windows Intune and Microsoft Office 365. In addition to being users of Exchange and Outlook, the employees here rely on their SharePoint 2010 databases to track all client activity. They want to also store all of their documents there and integrate fax services with SharePoint and Outlook. They also want to be able to scan from their Multi-Function Printer to Outlook, Fax, and Office 365 all at the same time.

The Solution

The Web and I has come up with a solution whereby each employee requiring enterprise faxing has their own personal fax number for inbound and outbound faxes. These are cloud fax services with a land line number, but the faxes are delivered to and sent from Outlook. Each employee can send and receive 200 fax pages per month for $19.95, with add-on plans to cover any additional need. Employees with lesser page needs per month can pool accounts together and share, much the same way fax machines are shared now. Additional accounts involve no contracts to sign, so lines can be added and taken away at will and can be used for as little as a month. This way, First United Services will only have to pay for volume when they need it, and only for what they need. Faxing from Outlook means that everyone working at First United will just select a bank from their contact lists, attach documents to an email and add any text to the E-mail as needed, and then receive a return receipt. Office 365 provides legally compliant archiving of all of the E-mails, so no matter how many fax lines come and go, the archive of inbound faxes, outbound faxes, and transmission receipts will be there available as evidence in court. They can have full confidence in the knowledge that the Web and I has an attorney-approved compliance solution, and that we have attorney references available for prospective clients to provide proper testimonial for the simplicity, viability, and value of our solution as well as its’ applicability with your individual compliance needs.

To get a solution like this today, please call us at 646-853-0573

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