CRN Technology News Announces New Windows Phone with Office 365

The new Windows phone with Office 365, sporting the code name “Mango”, will be released later this year. What is important about this is that Office 365 will be a ubiquitous cloud computing resource that many small and medium-sized businesses will rely on to manage their enterprise collaboration. These phones will have built-in video teleconferencing with Lync Server. Using Lync and SharePoint, multiple users will be able to collaborate on a Microsoft Office document even if some or all of the users are mobile.

Office 365 promises the highest levels of up-time possible, with outages of less than 8 minutes per year, offices can have a service more reliable and available. Losses in productivity from computers being down will be eliminated, and small and medium-sized businesses can have services that were only available to the largest and most wealthy corporations.

Many people who come to this blog reading about cloud computing ask me why I would assume that, with all of the cloud service providers available, that Microsoft Cloud Services will become the de-facto business standard. The fact is we live in a world resistant to change, and people are used to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and all things Microsoft. Even free operating systems which were open-source and offered great security and reliability like Linux and Unix were rejected by all clients that I tried to present it to. Besides a few die-hard Mac fans, most people insist on Microsoft. And all of those Mac fans utilize Microsoft Office. Mac fans can be rest-assured that there is Mac support for Office 365.

This is the original article mentioning the new Windows phone with Office 365:

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