Working at the Web and I

Of all of the fine companies at the job fair, you may be wondering why chose the Web and I? What sets us apart and makes us think that our company is the best to work at for you, the computer professional. The Web and I is a family owned and operated business. Pay is always based on base salary plus performance bonuses. All jobs will be followed up with a customer satisfaction survey. This will help to determine merit and combined with perfect attendance and no lateness will mean concrete bonuses for you, the independent contractor. Being an independent contractor allows you to have your own business. Not only will you be able to service your own accounts, but if you bring in new business you can get commissions and a profit-share as well, while using our good name to help you sell our services.

Although we have managers here, everyone is also a technician, and the organizational structure is actually flat. Everyone can learn new skills and gain the experience necessary to go on new jobs after passing a qualifying test administered by Thompson Learning or other technical testing center. Many opportunities for mentorship exist here, and on-the-job-training can expand your skill set to include new types of jobs.

Because the world is a risky place and because we want you to feel happy and secure at the Web and I, we have elected to pay full medical, dental, vision, and term life insurance for all full-time independent contractors. Family coverage is available for those of you with families as well. Term life insurance allows you to provide for your family even in the face of the unexpected, and will make you very responsible.

We offer four weeks of paid vacation a year. Studies have shown that independent contractors need to have their mind off of work and enjoy their life for a portion of each year to work at peak efficiency. In order to make sure that you can save for your vacation, we have partnered with Bethpgage Federal Credit Union in order to provide you with a vacation savings plan. You decide how much you wish to have withheld from your paycheck each week, and when you want your vacation. The credit union will save your money with interest, and automatically release the money to you when it is time to take your vacation.

We believe that a refreshed independent contractor is a productive independent contractor.

Because of that, we provide our employees with coffee, tea, juice, cookies, and rolls and bagels. There is no reason to go out for a snack when we have you covered. It is our goal that the Web and I will always be an enjoyable place to work and collaborate, and we will maintain our hospitality to prove that to you.

Give us a call at +1 516 469-02249 and get started now!

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