Website Design Nassau County, New York

Website Design Nassau County Businesses Featuring Applications Hosted By Microsoft

The Web and I, Inc. is one of a select few web developers of Microsoft Office Live Small Business. Microsoft Office Live Small Business is the latest in cloud computing. You get quality website hosting, sophisticated business applications, ERP integration, internal social networking, and online reputation management with an extraordinarily robust solution. The future of the Web is here. Get online, get customers, and take your business to the next level! We are also ready to lead you to Office 365, when that is live in 2012.

More than just a Website Host, Microsoft Office Live includes the following key roles:

  1. Contact Management

  2. Customer Relationship Management

  3. Time and Schedule Management

  4. Sales Management

  5. Document Collaboration and Archiving

  6. E-Mail Marketing Tools

  7. Online Reputation Management Tools

  8. Social Networking Tools

  9. Custom Software Applications

  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Tools)

…And more. You just need the proper consultants who can help you pull it off. Solutions that are properly put through can be successfully coordinated by internet and computer beginners without the expense of full-time IT Personnel. Run your business with the functionality secrets enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.

Website Design is the pursuit of the Web and I. Bringing big business savvy to small businesses in the New York City / Metropolitan Area

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