Payment Policy

Prepayment is Standard
on Most Projects
Reducing Difficulties

Our standard for projects is that we calculate the number of hours or a flat rate that helps to control your costs, makes our job of billing and collecting easier, and saves you money if a flat-rate project takes a bit longer than usual. If we have given you a flat rate or a prepayment plan, we are inevitably charging you for a few fewer hours than the project actually takes. If there are charges above and beyond this, due to a customer-elected change in project scope, immediate payment is expected.


Our reason for the prepayment policy is that we can charge more reasonable prices if we do not need to worry about managing a hefty Accounts Receivable. Extra billing, arguments, collection letters, and the use of our collection agency all cost money. If we can avoid them we can pass the savings on to you. We know what others charge and we make an effort to provide the best quality at a competitive price. In the contract, we will provide a breakdown of expected hours and expenses as well as a list of unexpected events which are covered in your flat rate. These generally include technical difficulties of the Service Provider, power outages, acts of God. We do not undertake jobs which are pioneering and we do not have experience in handling.


Our prepayment policy ultimately protects both parties. We intend to keep it for the forseeable future.  The date of this notice is the date of last clarification, but the original date of this policy is May 1, 2007.

Satisfaction of
Invoices and
Compliant Tracking

From time to time there will be an increase in project scope above and beyond what was originally envisioned. The only time this happens is when our clients' needs change and more functionality or features are requested than originally agreed to. On rare occasions, we also undertake projects at an hourly rate.  We always have a fair hourly rate, and all work that we do is tracked on the platform it is completed on. For instance, on Microsoft Office 365, it can easily be shown how much work was needed in terms of hours logged into the service and working. In case of a dispute, Microsoft keeps track of these hours and in the past, the server logs of Microsoft have been accepted in court as evidence as the user has no way of adjusting these logs and Microsoft server logging has proved to be reliable.


In all cases of projects assessed by the hour, invoices are payable immediately upon receipt. We are only able to keep our prices reasonable if we do not need to carry and administer an accounts receivable. In the case of non-payment, please note that we will not be able to provide further assistance in the event of non-payment until such time as said payment is received. Clients using our services at the Web and I agree to be subject to binding arbitration before the necessity of expensive court cases unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.


If there are exceptions to this and other policies, they will only be listed on the signed and notarized contract you have with us. Anything written in an E-Mail is not considered by us nor should be construed by any party to be a contract. If there is no written and notarized contract signed by both parties with notary and witnesses, then work is assumed to be hourly with no warranties express or implied, much as if you go to a plumber, electrician, doctor, or other professional. The work is provided as-is, and the suitability of the work for any particular purpose will only be formally included in a contract signed and notarized.  

The date of this policy is the date of the last clarification, but the original date of the policy is May 1, 2007.