Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365: THE Industry Standard Business Software

No matter what industry you are in, Microsoft Office 365 is the best business software for your office for New York and beyond. Although there are a few small competitive productivity solutions including Google Docs and IBM, there is a downside to these alternatives. Every major business Worldwide uses Microsoft Office 365 business software. The document formats are standard, and people know what to do with them and expect them as attachments and forms. Other formats also require re-training. All computer-savvy employees come well-versed in Microsoft Office. People are naturally resistant to solutions they are not familiar with. Everyone knows Microsoft Office 365 business software!

Microsoft Office 365 Reliability, scalability, and 99.97% Guaranteed Uptime

Our clients just don't understand software crashes, data loss, hacks, or significant downtime. Microsoft has redundant servers on all major continents that are geographically distributed. Even in the event of a disaster, your data is decentralized, making it available in the unlikely event of a local data center failure. Above all, ISO 9000 certification for Microsoft Office 365 business software means a robust set of Quality Management Standards illustrated in the graphic below. Find out more about ISO 9000 Certification here.

Quality management principles

Microsoft Office 365 ISO 9000 

Microsoft Office 365 has achieved the rare ISO 9000 standard for quality management. Originally developed as a military specification (MIL Spec.), Microsoft promises the ultimate in reliability and security by signing on to and adhering to the standards set forth by the ISO. This certification is difficult to receive and maintain. There are requirements for robust uptime and very limited downtime allowed for business software to be certified. Multiple data storage redundancies are required for certification as well. This certification also requires a robust security plan. The software has to resist a great deal of penetration testing. Continual business software testing is required.

Microsoft Office 365 Savings for Businesses

The economics of the savings of a cloud implementation with custom business software are tremendous:


  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware and software replaced by a  price as low as a $20 per user per month charge.

  • Software compliance savings because of no need to pay penalties for unlicensed software, regulatory compliance for data privacy and security at no additional cost.

  • Lower training costs because everyone knows Microsoft Office.

  • No expenses for business downtime for data loss, crashed software, or hacking.

  • Never pay for an upgrade again! You always have the latest stable code release.

  • Access your applications from any internet enabled device anywhere in the World where you have an Internet connection and a modern browser.