About Us

We design Websites, provide cloud consulting, video production, copywriting, graphics, custom business software, business process reengineering, operations research, and everything else you need to be found and do your work in the most efficient way possible. We have been in business since 2007. We are now an international business taking clients Worldwide. 

  • Our websites will help people find your business.

  • Our software will help you run your business efficiently.

  • Our cloud services are efficient and secure.

  • We have never had a client hacked.


Some of the providers we work with include:

  1. Microsoft Office 365, Azure, CRM

  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  3. Google Cloud

  4. Alibaba Cloud

  5. IBM Cloud

  6. Oracle

  7. Salesforce

  8. SAP

  9. Rackspace Cloud


We offer cloud website design as well, for a hacker-proof site with proven marketing success. Dedicated server based sites are expensive to run, require costly bandwidth, and need full-time staff to keep up with changes in the coding. Only the largest businesses need this kind of service. With modern Cloud Website providers, any kind of functionality from static pages to scheduling and E-Commerce is available. 

Some of the web hosting providers we work with include

1 BigCommerce

2 Shopwired

3 Shopify

4 Wix

5 Zyro

6 Shift4Shop

7 WooCommerce

8 Volusion

9 Sellfy

10 Squarespace

11 Magento


We also offer security and maintenance including license management, compliance, and virus removal and prevention remotely or in person for your desktops as well if needed.


Why Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing software as a service means always having the latest technology updates applied to your software. Say goodbye to upgrades, as we will always keep you up-to-date with the latest software all the time. Economics are another major factor. The software and hardware needed to run reliable systems is less costly and more reliable when leased from large providers like Microsoft and our other partners.

Enterprise Resource Planning Approach

We approach software with the latest big-business philosophy: Enterprise Resource Planning. Simply put, this approach means using one large program for almost everything in your business. The advantages are many:

  • Time Saved

  • Employee Efficiency Increased

  • Reduced Redundant Data Entry

  • Reduced Opportunities for Error

  • Enter All Data Only Once

  • World Class Security and Compliance

  • Works with Microsoft Office:

    • Less training: fast learning curve with familiar programs.

    • Leverages existing forms and document templates: lower customization costs.

    • Reliable: guaranteed by your cloud provider.

Making Order out of Chaos


We are natural organizers and efficiency experts. We organize the complexities of modern business computing and all it entails into a single, cost-effective package that provides you best-in-class performance and service at a fraction of the cost provided by other consultancies. 


Our experience speaks for itself. All of our clients have been happy for years using the Web and I New York Technology. 


New York Technology

What is New York Technology? New York, home to Silicon Alley, is the next Silicon Valley: a crucible of advancement and wonder. To operate in New York, you have to be the best and brightest and most timely. We are New York Technology consultants and proud of it!