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At the Web and I, we provide the rare level of quality of premium computing solutions that make the computing side of business easy. We provide the best technology and security, implemented in a traditional and academically accepted framework. We serve the World.


In business since 2007, the Web and I is now in our fifteenth successful year in business.

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Cloud Computing

At the Web and I, we provide secure cloud solutions from Microsoft including the new Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise Resource Planning software. We also offer cloud development from Amazon, and all other cloud service providers We offer cloud website design as well, for a hacker-proof site with proven marketing success.


Using cloud computing software as a service means always having the latest technology updates applied to your software. Say goodbye to expensive upgrades, as your solution provider will always keep you up-to-date with the latest software all the time.

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Our software solutions are hosted on Microsoft, Amazon, and other major service providers secure computing centers. They feature the best 256 bit encryption and ISO 9000 reliability guarantee. All your data is compliant with Sarbanes Oxley, 501 C-3 accessibility, and all other relevant compliance worldwide. All the major cloud service providers we use guarantee your up time and the sanctity of your data with financially-backed service level agreements. 


Since 2007 we have never experienced a client data loss, outage, or hacked account. 

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Would it be useful if it was not accessible on all the devices you and your customers use? Our sites and  software work on all devices mobile or otherwise.  Supported platforms include IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and more.


Websites and software we design display and function beautifully on all  devices. When the technology changes, your cloud service providers update the code without time or expense to you. By helping you run your technology in the Cloud you will always be ahead of the curve all the time. Trust us to make you and your business look great.

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For marketing projects, software modernization, enterprise resource planning, management of microsoft licenses, PC's and more, let us help you make the most of your IT budget. 


We can give you all of the benefits of a full-time IT staff without the expense. Pay as you need to and pay for nothing more. Your cloud service provider will handle all of the updates, and you will never have out-of-date code. Our quality, value, experience, and service makes us a true New York Technology Company. Our reputation speaks for itself.